KonNx UK is the most recent international expansion of the AusProof family, an original equipment manufacturer (OEM) supplying the global market with high and low voltage full cable coupler solutions. Continuously exploring the unknown in cable coupler solutions, KonNx UK is committed to providing the mining and tunnelling industries with innovative and high quality products that are safe and reliable.

Our Products  Company History

KonNx UK and its international partner companies utilise nearly 50 years of combined professional and operational experience in the design and manufacture of quality high and low voltage electrical cable coupler systems.

In a market that demands safety and reliability, KonNx’s dedication to meeting this benchmark is reflected in its logo. Those three dots represent a set of proof coins, and a set of proof coins is the highest possible quality coins a person can buy. With the opening of the KonNx UK branch, we can now provide greater support, product accessibility and supply chain stability for our UK and European-based customers.

All KonNx UK high voltage products are genderless and utilise higher mPa aluminium material. Available high voltage coupler and adaptor systems range from 6.6kV all the way up to the record-breaking 35kV. KonNx’s restrained range is available in operational voltages from 660V to 3.3kV, and are the lightest low voltage products currently on the market. Both our high and low voltage equipment are suitable for use in Non-Ex operations, including metalliferous mining, open-cut mining, and pumps and tunnelling projects.

Prioritising client health and safety, KonNx products feature insulation that extinguishes arcs and faults, full phase to phase segregation with earth, prevention of hot joints in low voltage couplers, partial discharge, and superior silver plated contacts. Our LED Live Line Indicator, now included as a standard feature on all high voltage aluminium couplers since mid-2022, works to increase operator awareness and safety.

If you would like to know more about KonNx UK and its products, do no hesitate to get in touch. Click on the link below to find our contact details.

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